From beta to new version

Hello everyone!

After a month with our videogame Please, Wake Up released on its beta version, we got all the feedback from the players and we're going to start thinking about fixing some bugs and adding new useful things. Some of them could be:

  • Doors and its physics
  • A better tutorial with some text on the screen would be useful for new players
  • Some players didn't recognize the correct password after the first level
  • Some players complained and misunderstood about introducing the correct date of the last level
  • Some players told us they didn't know what the collectables are for
  • The pictures around the corridors and some rooms are about lore, so we're thinking about setting an interactive button to read about the pictures, the same for collectables
  • Thinking about fixing some collisions

Those are a lot of things. Feedback is the best remedy to start again with effort and make this game even better! We'll keep you all informed about the future changes on what we fix and add.

See you again, guys!

Yawn Games

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