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Get into the skin of Uri, the main character that wants desperately to wake up from this endless nightmare. Escape from The Witch, escape now. Please, wake up.

"It happened in Granada. The murderer, Bárbara Jiménez, known as “The Witch of Albayzín” has managed to escape from the asylum where she has been for the last 45 years. Several crimes are attributed to her; among them are the kidnappings and the murder of many children. Some bodies have not yet been found, although according to the police sources she has likely eaten them as a part of some strange ritual. A warrant has been issued for her arrest and the authorities have attempted to calm citizens by empathizing that she is not a large threat to public safely. "The Witch", now almost 80 years old, has no legs due to an accident she suffered in her youth."

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Download the original soundtrack in Bandcamp: https://yawngames.bandcamp.com


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That was a cool Game. :) 5/5


Gameplay en español - Excellent game and very scary

¡Oh, te alcanzó La Bruja! Te recomendamos que intentes huir de ella o esconderte justo cuando vaya a por ti para que le dé tiempo a alejarse lo suficiente. ¿Le darías otra oportunidad a Please, Wake Up? Seguro que a la próxima le encuentras el punto y consigues terminarlo. ¡Nos haría mucha ilusión ver tu siguiente gameplay y ver cómo lo terminas! Si te atascas en él, te podemos dar alguna que otra pista. ¡Gracias por jugar a nuestro juego! :)


finished it to the end wonderful wonderful ending and game very awesome work 

EXCELLENT! You finished it! Congrats! We're so happy you liked it we're celebrating it too :D Thank you for playing it again and give to our game a second chance. We put so much effort creating it that we're literally in tears everytime a content creator like you plays Please, wake up. Thank you again for your time, hope you come back for the final version :)


I will definitely be back for the final version I will keep a watch out and make a video on that one as well



Love it very wonderful but I think I broke it lol

Haha! You didn't break the game! Pay attention to the notes on the screen 8) Thank you for playing! Will you give another opportunity to the game? We would be really happy if you do that :)


I most certainly will this happens about lol


jesus christ what a fun game, love the story, the witch is fucking creepy. The music is amazing, it's like Mass effect meets Dune and Blade Runner! 

Oh thank you! We're glad you liked our game. So much effort on getting the previous inspiration for this game, it took us like a whole life ;) We take notes about your opinon. Thanks again for playing our game!


We played and loved your game! The atmosphere and the effects are so wonderful with great attention to detail and creepy cutscenes. It´s incredible! :)

Oh wow! We're soooo happy you liked the little details and the cutscenes, we worked so much on them x) Thanks for playing our game!


Hey Yawn Games! - I ended up going through the rest of the game, and thought I'd put it as a separate post on here for part 2. I had a blast. The story definitely got deeper in my opinion. The only hiccups I think I ran into for this one, was the witch and timing with the doors (sometimes glitchy) and how to do the input code on the computer. Other than that, cool stuff. Thanks again for reaching out, and hope to see more content in the future for any projects! 


Hello again! Wow! You finished the game finally! Even you got the good ending! We're glad you put a little bit of time more in our game and give one more shot to this. Be sure you'll see more content! Thank you again :)

Hey Yawn Games! - Thank you for taking time to stop by the channel to see the video, and for reaching out! Game was fun for sure! I ran into a few hiccups here and there, and as we discussed thought I just got stuck. Wanted to share my video with everyone here too! Enjoyed it, and hope to see more from yall!


Thank you so much for playing it! We are taking notes about your experience and we would like to help you to finish the whole game and see both endings if you like to :) 


haha most def! I sent an email already friends! no rush, thanks again.

hi, big thx for the crazy game. greetings from rosti 😁

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed it, we also watched your gameplay and we loved it :)

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like it

Thank you for playing our game! Hope you liked it :)

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:P yes like  ..very nostalgic game :D